Specializes in the creation of positive Black content through storytelling and visual media for marketing, promotion and advertising purposes.

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Our focus is to have a greater control of the narrative surrounding African Americans in media and film.

Our Focus

Media is the vehicle we use to reach and connect with an ever changing generation and social climate. We  preserve our legacy with authentic content that conveys a more authentic  and genuine story than the ones  currently depicted.


Technology, media and culture are integral elements to our brands capabilities.

We create new avenues of connection, exploration and engagement through the use of Technology, media and culture.

Our newest fields of interest and experience are the realms of:

Brand activation, Experimental Marketing, and Projection Mapping. 

Authentic engagement. Proven results.

We connect  agencies  to audiences within the African American community for positive engagement, authentic representation and accurate portrayal. 

The end results are economic growth, and cultural empowerment, and organic connections. Our mission is to enlighten the next generation through positive visual media content.


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We love producing content, give us a brief description of what your project entails, how long you’re looking to shoot, and in what format. We would get back to you in a couple of days.
About Sole Content

We produce high-quality amazing photographs and video works. Our overall goal is to tell the story. And get your message out to the masses.

It's what we do

Videos, short films, photography, memes, gifs. We love making social and digital media content. We excel in Video Production, but have an overall love of digital media content. Sole Content is also a good representation of advice and consultation with regard to the African American community.

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